Business Management

As a business owner, you need realtime specifics on your business performance. The ability to determine business metrics such as at a glance profitability will help guide you to make critical decisions for your business.

Advanced Reporting

Reports once meant loud clacking printers generating reams of paper. We don’t need to kill trees to have a comprehensive view on your Enterprise Resources!
Creating the metrics is simple:

  • Customers
  • Crew
  • Equipment
  • Jobs
  • Materials

How It works

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you alert me when the crew reaches the customer site?

Yes. We provide both Fleet (vehicle tracking) and personnel tracking.

Can you integrate with Accounting?

Yes, we integrate with QuickBooks, Sage, Wave and other programs providing complete, end to end Material and Enterprise Resource Management.

Does this software handle Inventory?

Yes. We have a proprietary subsystem that will track material and billing. Also we do reminders automatically.

We use a Whiteboard for scheduling. How does your scheduling process work?

We built you a custom “Calendar – Whiteboard” system. Just drag your resources to the date and release. Your scheduling is done.



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